What about the green campus?

17 November 2017

What about the green campus?

NHTV is building a new green campus. The renovation work in the former convent is in full swing. The first site fences have been put up in the car park and preparations have been made for the redesign of the campus grounds. For this purpose, several trees had to be cut down. These were mainly trees that had reached the end of their lifespan anyway. Other trees had to make way for the new connecting road to the campus which will be situated a little more eastward along St. Ignatiusstraat. As a result, motorised traffic will be separated from slow traffic (which can continue using Mgr. Hopmansstraat) at the campus.


Replanting of mature trees 

Unfortunately, several trees are still blocking the way to the landscaping activities planned for the campus grounds. These trees will be replanted in the coming months. To this end, a huge replanting machine will be used. It involves more than 20 large heritage trees, most of which will be relocated to the current car park. After the renovation of the N-building, this car park will be transformed to a green park. Consequently, this green park will have a mature green appearance right from the start. Students, staff and local residents will not have to wait for years on end before the area turns green enough again.


Visit tree nurseries

Planting of new trees

The replanting of these heritage trees, however, does not yet do the trick when it comes to the intended green character of the campus. The design of the green campus grounds also involves several new trees being planted. As a landscape architect of the InboCuld team, I am working on the specific details of the plan, together with the NHTV campus team.


In the past few months we have selected a number of tree nurseries. They will be supplying the trees for the four lanes (north-south and east-west), the evergreen pine trees, and several other special trees for the park. With a distinct preference for the more indigenous and sustainable tree species, more than 100 trees were chosen. In this way, an agreeable environment is created for students, staff members and local residents, while the ecological make-up of the site is improved too.


When is this all going to happen?

Over the next few weeks, the remaining low-growing plants around the convent, the N-building and the H-building will be taken out. After that, several mature trees will be planted in their new positions, during which any inconvenience will be kept to a minimum. However, it may be clear that operating and manoeuvring with the sizeable replanting equipment in the car park will definitely have temporary consequences for the use of the area.


Next, starting early January, a start will be made with the construction of the new heart of the campus that is situated between the convent and the current N-building of NHTV. After that, the car park behind the convent will be constructed, as will the new connecting road to the car park at Beverweg, which will serve as a temporary road to facilitate the renovation work of the N-building.


After the renovation of the N-building, the rest of the campus grounds will be laid out. All this means that most of the area surrounding the campus will have turned green again by the end of 2019.


Huub Juurlink

Landscape Architect at InboCuld