Water supply for fire fighters

23 May 2019

Water supply for fire fighters

Many different facilities need to be constructed when the campus grounds are being built. To give an example, the so-called fire hydrants were constructed last week. Firefighters need them as water supply for fire-fighting.

Fire brigade

Water supply for fire-fighting is evidently essential for firefighters. The municipality takes care of good public water supply in the first instance. However, if there is no adequate supply, the owner of the site should take care of additional on-site facilities. This has been arranged in the Building Decree.

Drilled well

For this reason, a well was sunk at the campus with a steel tube going 50 metres deep. The pictures show that a tube is inserted into the drilled well (the pastel yellow tube in the visuals). The fire hydrant is then installed on the drilled well that is used if fire-fighting water is required.

Please see here for photos and videos of the drilling of the well.