New name for NHTV

Breda University of Applied Sciences


After the summer, we will not only move into the fully renovated convent, but our institute will also have a new name: Breda University of Applied Sciences. This name, and the accompanying corporate identity, fits our strategic objective to be an international top institute. The beauty of it is that we present ourselves to the outside world as one brand, with all academies and services situated in one location. We promise that we will continue to inspire students and employees to put their talents as well as their own innovative ideas to use, thus promoting personal growth.

If you have any questions regarding the rebranding of our name,  send and email to

New student card

All students will receive a new student card in the new design after the summer holiday. With this card you can use the printers and get coffee, just as you do now. In the Horizon building, this card can also be used to open the lockers.

Students who have a registered address in the Netherlands will receive the new card at home. Others can collect the card at the Service Desk.