Mobility H

How to get there

In the development of the campus, we have opted for a green, sustainable approach. Not only because it is the right thing to do, but also because we are convinced that doing so will help us to create maximum and lasting impact. That is why we will have to rethink how we behave and what we do; at the new campus itself, as well as in our commuting choices.

Because of the limited amount of parking spaces at the new campus, we are inviting you to come by bike or public transport. We will have to rethink our movement to the Horizon building. If you have the possibility to avoid taking the car, please do so. If for you, taking the car for your trip to school is absolutely necessary, then consider carpooling with your classmates. In that case, you can park the car in the parking lot behind the Horizon building.

Bicycle storage & rental

Of course there is enough space to store your bike at the new campus. There are also five rental bikes available. You can use these bikes for transportation between academies, to the city center etc. Please note that they are not for biking to and from the central trainstation. Just like before the rental bikes can be reserved via the Service Desk.

Public transport

From the railway station, you will get to the campus in less than no time: bus lines 5, 7 and 8 depart from Breda Central Station 8 times per hour during rush hour.

Directions via google maps

Public transport via