Sustainability: solar panels on roof Horizon building

12 September 2018

Sustainability: solar panels on roof Horizon building

With the renovation of the Horizon building coming along well, the roof of the former convent has been fitted with solar panels. Breda University of Applied Sciences has opted for this sustainable solution to support the environment. Energy saving is one of the five pillars of the sustainability policy of the new campus.

The solar panels (also called PV-panels or Photovoltiac panels) were skillfully placed by Jacobs Elektro Group recently. Sustainability is a very important theme in the development of the new, green campus. A campus which will have a parklike appearance, where public transport travels to and from our workplace and studies are supported and waste is carefully separated. Additionally: heat insulation, LED lightning and glass walls or roofs are part of the whole ‘green’ plan. The placement of solar panels is the cherry on the cake. It’s an appealing advert for the new campus of Breda University of Applied Sciences!

Main equipment room

On the photos you can see the huge server, which consists off all ICT fittings of the Horizon building. This server is housed in the Main Equipment Room (MER). Apart from the central server, Jacobs Elektro Group has also installed Satellite Equipment Rooms (SER); spaces with decentral ICT equipment per floor.