Sisters impressed by beautiful convent

12 February 2019

Sisters impressed by beautiful convent

The visit by the sisters from the congregation Alles voor Allen (Everything for Everyone) to the convent last Thursday, was in one word impressive.

The former residents of the Maria Mater Dei convent – now in use as Horizon Building at Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUas) – could admire the entirely renovated convent for the first time. Naturally they had visited the convent at an earlier stage, but now the entire building was complete, including the chapel.

Sibelicious provided reception and dinner
During the tour the sisters were eager to talk about their former highly loved living environment. We particularly heard a lot of ‘Oh’s’ and ‘Ah’s’ when they recognised their old and familiar convent tables, piano,church pews and photos in the buiilding. They were received by students from the in-school training company Sibelicious, which had done an excellent job of preparing the reception and joint meal. The supervisors from BUas – under the guidance of Nico van Os – proudly showed the ladies around and talked about the building and its new users. During the tour It was great to see that the sisters, members of staff and students were mutually curious about each other, in addition to which the sisters asked about whether the building was a good learning evironment and a fine place to work.

Song of thanks by the sisters
The women demonstrated their gratitude with a beautiful song of thanks for the service and kitchen staff, who were visibly under the impression by so much justified appreciation. It was an impressive evening, which was made even more unforgettable thanks to the group photo in the chapel of the sisters and their supervisors.

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