On our way to a new campus!

19 August 2019

On our way to a new campus!

Curious about the progress of campus developments in the Mgr. Hopmansstraat area? While most people have enjoyed a well-deserved summer holiday, we are working hard on the last steps. Just before the summer holidays, some of our employees visited the construction site to personally inspect the situation in the Frontier and Ocean buildings. Below a short impression.

I can’t wait to start working here!

“I don’t recognise it anymore!” That’s what makes us happy. All necessary demolition work has been carried out in the Ocean Building (the former H building), which now provides an open, transparent environment. Employees of Leisure & Events were happily surprised about the change of this old-school building until now. “I can’t wait start working here!” someone said enthusiastically when the designs of the new visuals were presented. The waiting is rewarded fast enough. Work is continuing relentlessly and the building will be ready for use after the autumn break.

Made by our own students

Employees of Games & Media were also pleasantly surprised when they entered the Frontier Building (the former main building). The ‘Penthouse’ on the fourth floor is especially popular. “This is my flexible workplace!”. You are lucky if you work in the equipment room or the Media Production House. Then you can enjoy a beautiful view of the heart of the green campus and the convent. The other side of the floor – where the Live Drawing Room of Games will be located – also commands an inspiring view. The rooms where the four Game Labs will be located were thoroughly examined. Light, temperature, acoustics, not a single detail was overlooked. Just like the situation in the special rooms where the 3D printers will be located, by the way. Special detail: many visuals on the walls are made by our own students. You can’t have it more authentic!

Just around the corner

Games and Media have their Game Labs and Production House; Built Environment & Logistics have their own Design Studios. In these special studios the students have all the space to work on scale models. Furthermore, there are a lot of open space areas where students can work on projects together with fellow students having their lecturers just around the corner. On the first floor there are also the examination rooms that will be used by all study programmes. A quiet place on campus where students can work on exams in full concentration. The future users of this part of the building also looked at the work in progress with a critical eye and that is good because that can only help us further.

One great showcase

It is clear that everyone is enthusiastic about the facilities on the ground floor in the Frontier Building. This entire area will be a community area. The Innovation Square will be in the wing on the St. Ignatiustraat side. This will be one great showcase of our institute with start-ups and student companies, seats to meet, etc.

The Research Lab, the Music Room and the BUas Radio Studio will be in the central part and the wing on the Mgr. Hopmansstraat side will accommodate a completely renovated restaurant.

Hopefully everyone is as enthusiastic as the employees we have recently shown around. We are certainly looking forward to the moment that we can start using these two beautiful buildings.

Take a look at the photos of both buildings to get an impression of all the work that has been done so far.