Ocean Building is taking more definite shape

15 May 2019

Ocean Building is taking more definite shape

Work on the Ocean Building started around 1 February. With 19 July as the completion date for this project, the contractor does not have much time.

Despite the fact that this short time frame is a challenge, the contractor’s approach is quite a dynamic one: the work is progressing according to plan. In the building, the long corridors with classrooms on both sides are being demolished and large open floors are now being created where students and staff will soon find designated workspaces. On both sides, this working environment looks out onto the campus grounds and the adjacent green zone with the Molenley brook.

New layout and walls 

Around the building, the contractor has started to remove the old paving, so that the new site layout can be created here. After the demolition phase, new walls are now being built to create the layout requested by Leisure & Events. We would like to show you the progress by means of several photos. The photos show how the work is done and give a bit of a glimpse into what will soon become a spacious, open learning and working environment.