Temporary relocation to the Sibeliuslaan


As from 1 September the domains Media & Games will be located in the S-building (former location of Hotel & Facility) for the whole academic year 2018/2019. The S-building will be open from 20 August on, although classes won’t start until 3 September. It’s a modern building with a pleasant atmosphere situated in a quiet residential area on the edge of the woods (Mastbos) in the south of Breda. Next year, September 2019, the academy will move back to the Frontier building (former N-building) at the Mgr. Hopmansstraat.



Sibeliuslaan 13,
4837 CA Breda

T +31 76 533 22 03

Business hours

Monday until Thursday:

7.30 AM –  8.00 PM

(a few times per month till 10.00 PM if requested by the Management Team)


7.30 AM –  6.00 PM


Directions via google maps

Public transport via 9292.nl