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How to get there


Are you ready to change your mind-set? Reconsidering old habits is part of the development of our new campus. Because of the limited amount of parking spaces at the Sibeliuslaan, we are inviting you to come by bike or public transport. We will have to rethink our movement to the S-building. If you can avoid taking the car, please do so. This way, you are taking your social responsibility by traveling to the campus in a sustainable way! Also, you are helping the students and employees that live far away or have no options to travel by public transport.

If for you, taking the car for your trip to school is absolutely necessary, then consider carpooling with your classmates. In that case, you can park the car in the surrounding neighbourhood of the S-building.

Public transport

  • NHTV has arranged a special bus service for students and employees of the Sibeliuslaan. Arriva will offer buses from and to the central station from 7.45 am until 8 pm. The bus stop is at the Willem van Oranjelaan.
  • Bus 6 runs from 7.01 am until 7.31 pm (19.31 u) and back. It runs once an hour.
  • Bus 16 runs twice per hour, from 8.26 am until 5.26 pm (17.26 u).

Bicycle parking

Behind the S-building, you can park your bike. There is also one rental bike available. You can use this for transportation between academies, to the city center etc. Please note that they are not for biking to and from the central train station.


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