Learning environment S

Learning environment


The guiding principle of the learning community is that learning is an individual process that is encouraged through collaborative learning. It requires a challenging learning environment that motivates students to learn actively and independently.


What spaces does the S-building offer?

Although the S-building won’t reflect the look and feel of the new Campus, ADE students will find that the concept of the new Campus is already carried out to a certain extent. The Sibeliuslaan offers, in agreement with the new N-building (Frontier building) in 2019, the following learning spaces:

Lecture halls

The ground floor of the S-building offers a lecture hall (auditorium).


On the ground floor, you will find small classrooms and a life drawing room, plus a nice study landscape. On the first floor, you will find classrooms of a smaller size: up to 30 people. These rooms are used for working lectures. Each classroom and or lecture hall will be accommodated with one or two presentation devices, these range from beamer to touch capable screens. A laptop can be connected to these displays via an HDMI-A standard cable. It’s also possible for you as a student to reserve classrooms, to facilitate the collaboration between students. You can book a classroom via the Service Desk.

Be aware that you can’t eat in meeting- or classrooms.

Study landscape

You will find the main study landscape on the ground floor, next to the restaurant. This way you can combine business with pleasure. There is also a small study landscape on the first floor.

Academic labs and project rooms

On the first floor, you will find the Gamelabs, along with a Sony room and VR room. On the ground floor, you will find project rooms such as Maclab, Creative lab, Cradle, the Green Room also a music room.

Production House Rooms:

Students are entitled to use the rooms one specific day of the week (the day in which they have their Production House). For example 4th year students can use the rooms on Mondays, 2nd years on Tuesdays and so on. In occasions when these rooms are not reserved for a specific year (i.e. when there is no Production House) keys are given on a first come, first serve basis to any ADE student. Students can pick up keys for the Production House rooms at the Production House Equipment Office. For more info you can send an email to productionhouse@nhtv.nl (or from 1 September on: productionhouse@buas.nl )

Production House Equipment Office

You can borrow your AV equipment at the Production House Equipment Office at the ground floor.