Frontier Building: last major demolition works

25 April 2019

Frontier Building: last major demolition works

One of the last spectacular demolition jobs was the removal of the large curtain wall of the former central hall. 

Watch the video to see how the huge glass facade is demolished.

Since August 2018, a large part of the inner walls of the N-building has been demolished step by step. In addition, the curtain walls of the staircases were largely removed and replaced by new windows with HR+​​+ glass: good against the cold but also against heat!

Curtain walling removed 

The large curtain wall was located on the spot where you entered the N-building from the car park or the bicycle shed through the small portal. This facade consisted of cheap single-glazed windows and gave rise to many complaints, not to mention a high level of energy consumption. The demolition of the four-floor high glass facade and the entrance was an impressive operation, but the construction workers managed to get the job done within a few hours. Fortunately, an attentive colleague was nearby to film this video, which we are happy to share with all employees.

Construction of new glass facade and entrance

Subsequently, work is now underway to rebuild the new glass facade and new entrance near the old canteen. Would you like to see the progress of the reconstructions, then check out our webcam 

In terms of construction, the project has therefore reached an advanced stage, but of course, the installations and finishing of walls and floors still require a great deal of attention. Fortunately, this work is progressing well and we hope to be able to show the first images of this finish soon.