New campus video out now!

25 June 2019

New campus video out now!

For some ten months now, Hotel, Facility and Tourism have been up and running in the convent which has been transformed into a magnificent educational building.

But during this time, a lot of hard work was also put into the Frontier and Ocean Buildings as well as the campus grounds. 

​Chapter 6: Frontier Building

The project team makes a video of every project phase to give an impression of the campus development. Chapter 6 of ‘The Making of the New Campus’ has just been completed and tells the story of the Frontier Building. 

Contractor Mertens is renovating the former main building in accordance with the design that was made by the InboCuld architects. This is where Games, Media, Built Environment and Logistics will be situated, as well as a large part of the Support Services and the Executive Board. In addition, the Innovation Square will be located on the ground floor of the Frontier Building. This space, which used to be a long, enclosed corridor, will then feature two open-plan floors on different levels, connected by stairs and see-through glimpses.

Ocean Building

The campus project is definitely a major project, but we are well on the way to completion. The final campus building, to be called Ocean Building, has been wrapped up in scaffolding for some time now. This is where Leisure & Events will be situated, combined with sports facilities and a sports bar.  

​All this hard work will continue as usual in the summer months. In the next video we will show you a bit more about this and about the completion of the landscaping of the campus grounds, which will be covered in green by that time. We are ready for the final sprint and are looking forward to the moment when the new campus of Breda University of Applied Sciences is entirely finished!