Completion Ocean building

30 August 2019

Completion Ocean building

The former H-building has been renovated by the construction team of Aannemerscombinatie PIF into a new Ocean building. Architectural contractor Winters and its partners TES Installatietechniek and Van Delft Groep have worked hard in recent months on the realisation of this project.

PIF started the work on 1 February and the festive delivery took place on 18 July, entirely according to plan. Arend de Boer, the director of PIF and Thea van Sambeeck, projectleader Campus, signed the delivery documents with a satisfied feeling. Nico van Os then expressed a word of thanks for the dedication and involvement of the construction team, the designers and advisors.

The interior of the Ocean building is already well on its way. The renovation has created – in addition to the more traditional classrooms – a spacious, open learning and working environment. On both sides you have a view of the campus grounds and the adjacent green zone with the Molenley stream. 

From 3 September the learning environment of the Ocean building will be partly in use. Lectures will be teaching in the lecture hall(s) on the ground floor and the classrooms at the different floors. Only the classrooms and lecture halls are accessible. Please find a floorplan here​. If you have any questions feel free to send an email to

The Ocean building will be fully furnished in October, after which Leisure & Events will move into the building during the autumn holidays. 

Take a look at the pictures of the Ocean building and Frontier building.